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Yamanbagiri Kunihiro
Yamanbagiri hanamaru.png
Kanji 山姥切国広
Arrival N/A
First Appearance Episode 1: Mutsuki
Sword Information
Sword Type Uchigatana
School Horikawa
Swordsmith Horikawa Kunihiro
Voice Actors
Japanese Maeno Tomoaki
English Clifford Chapin

Yamanbagiri Kunihiro is an uchigatana touken danshi residing in the citadel.


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  • Yamanbagiri was forged in the year 1590 by Horikawa Kunihiro.
  • 18th year of Tenshou era (1590 AD): Yamanbagiri Kunihiro is made under the request of Nagao Akinaga. After the Siege of Odawara, he’s handed over to one of Houjou clan’s rounin, Ishihara Jinzaemon. From here on, the legend that it was him who slayed Yamanba was born.
  • 5th year of Keichou era (1600 AD): Battle of Sekigahara. Jinzaemon gives it to a vassal of the Ii clan, Atsumi Heihachirou, whose sword had broken shortly before they met.
  • Pre-Meiji era (1868 AD - ): Atsumi’s family fallen into poverty and it was sold to a pawn shop. Then it was bought by Mii of the Ii clan.
  • 12th year of Taishou era (1923 AD): The Great Kantou Earthquake. A rumor that Yamanbagiri Kunihiro got burnt and lost was spread.
  • Shouwa era (1940 ~ 1960? AD): Mii’s family asked for the Ii clan to buy the sword from them because they’re in need of money. The owner of an antique shop requested for the Ii clan to let him buy it from them. After that, the sword was handed over to Ise Torahiko.
  • Modern era: kept as a personal possession in Tokyo.

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru[]

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  • Written on the tang of his blade is 九州日向住国広作 (front) and 天正十八年庚寅弐月吉日 平顕長 (back), which translates to 'crafted by Kunihiro, who lived in Hyuuga, Kyuushuu' and 'one of the auspicious days of February 1590 (18th year of Tenshou era), Taira Akinaga' respectively.