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Midare Toushirou
Midare hanamaru.png
Kanji 乱藤四郎
First Appearance Episode 2: Kisaragi
Sword Information
Sword Type Tantou
School Awataguchi
Swordsmith Awataguchi Yoshimitsu
Previous Owners Hosokawa Katsumoto
Voice Actors
Japanese Kazutomi Yamamoto
English Alexis Tipton

Midare Toushirou is one of the many Awataguchi siblings residing in the citadel in Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru.


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Midare was forged by Awataguchi Yoshimitsu.

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru[]

Kisaragi (如月)[]

Midare is assigned to cleaning duty with Hachisuka on the day that Tsurumaru Kuninaga and Doudanuki Masakuni arrive. When Kashuu and Yamatonokami's tour leads them through the room they were cleaning, Doudanuki is shocked to see a girl in an otherwise male-only boarding home. However, when Midare introduces himself using boku (masculine pronoun), Doudanuki realises Midare is a boy too and is intensely confused.

Yayoi (弥生)[]




  • Despite being highly feminine and wearing a dress as his combat clothing, Midare is actually a boy. For future reference, all Touken Ranbu characters are exclusively male, hence the term touken danshi ("sword men") encompassing them all.