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Ishikirimaru hanamaru.png
Kanji 石切丸
Arrival N/A
First Appearance Episode 1: Mutsuki
Sword Information
Sword Type Ootachi
School Sanjou
Swordsmith Sanjou
Voice Actors
Japanese Takahashi Hidenori
English Justin Duncan

Ishikirimaru is one of the few ootachi Touken Danshi residing in the citadel in Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru.


"This sword is an object of worship, and a little out of touch because of his long shrine life. It's sharpness is such that it was used to treat swelling and illnesses. Watches over everyone with a friendly look."[1]

Ishikirimaru is kind and gentle-spirited; he almost always has a smile on his face. Even when faced with bad situations, he tends not to get angry.

He can sometimes seem out of touch, due to having spent the centuries of his life within shrine walls instead of out and about like the others.


Ishikirimaru created by a swordsmith of the Sanjou school in the year 983. He saw almost no combat prior to gaining human form, spending most of his time in Shinto shrines being used for healing practices.

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru[]

Ishikirimaru had been at the citadel for an unknown amount of time before Yamatonokami's arrival.

Mutsuki (睦月)[]

Ishikirimaru is shoveling the snow one day when Imanotsurugi, Kashuu, Yamatonokami and several of the Awataguchi siblings started a snowball fight and chased each other around. Imanotsurugi tells him to run and he decides to do so, humorously tiring himself out.

Later on, Namazou throws horse poop at him, Kashuu, and Yamatonokami for "good luck" and he reflectively catches it in his bare hands before realizing what it is. He decides to take a bath to clean off while the others have gathered to prepare for a mission to Ikeda inn and has to be fetched by Heshikiri Hasebe when they learn he is part of the away team.

Due to the length of his sword, he has trouble navigating inside the inn. His sword ends up getting it wedged in a wall, and he is comedically poked about by enemy yari until he receives significant injuries. Heshikiri, therefore, decides to relay to the saniwa that ootachis are not a good choice for an indoor battle.

Kisaragi (如月)[]

Ishikirimaru is assigned to horse duty with Akita Toushirou on the day that Tsurumaru Kuninaga and Doudanuki Masakuni arrive. Ishikirimaru is already acquainted with Tsurumaru and is happy to see him in human form for the first time.

Yayoi (弥生)[]




  • Ishikirimaru is often nicknamed Papa or "Ishipapa" by fans because of his kind and caring mannerism, which can be interpreted as somewhat fatherly.
  • Ishikirimaru's length affecting his combat usefulness in incertain situations is a reference to the original Touken Ranbu game, where he and other ootachi do poorly indoors (as a user with a large sword needs a lot of space to swing it properly).