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Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru is a comedy/slice-of-life adaptation of the DMM/Nitro+ browser game Touken Ranbu!

The series follows a group of anthropomorphic swords called touken danshi ("sword men") as they face the "History Retrograde Army", a force of evil swords that repeatedly attempts to alter history for their own gain. Hanamaru places a large focus on the touken danshis leisure time, as they get accustomed to their new lives and each other, while coming to terms with their pasts as swords of famous daimyos, samurai, and more.

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Episode 2 end card

弥生: 一万分の一なんですって

Ep. 3: Yayoi: I Heard It Was 1/10,000ths

Introducing Hirano Toushirou and Uguisumaru!

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