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Doudanuki Masakuni
Doudanuki hanamaru.png
Arrival Episode 2: Kisaragi
First Appearance Episode 2: Kisaragi
Sword Information
Sword Type Uchigatana
Swordsmith Doudanuki Masakuni
Voice Actors
Japanese Sakurai Tooru
English Cris George

Doudanuki Masakuni is an uchigatana touken danshi that has recently arrived to the citadel in Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru.


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He was made without the addition of decorative elements, and as such has a no-frills personality. During the Meiji era, he was known for his ability to cut through armor. Very "spartan".[1]

Doudanuki is combat-minded and straightforward, and tends to focus heavily on a sword's combat ability, due to being created specifically with the goal of making simple, strong swords for battle. He appears to take little interest in leisure.

Despite this, he is not infallable and can act a little strangely at times, such as when he expresses intense confusion upon finding out Midare is male.


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Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru[]

Kisaragi (如月)[]

Doudanuki arrived in the first month of year, on the same day as Tsurumaru Kuninaga; both were introduced to the other touken danshi together. Kashuu Kiyomitsu was assigned to escort them around the citadel, and Yamatonokami was invited along.

Doudanuki was largely disinterested in the citadel, but immediately perks up upon coming across the training room. Seeing Maeda Toushirou and Gokotai spar, he becomes too pumped up and tries to challenge them, scaring them off.

He and Tsurumaru eventually continue the tour and are introduced to Hachisuka and Midare, who are on cleaning duty. Doudanuki is suprised to see a girl in an otherwise male-only boarding home. However, when Midare introduces himself using boku (masculine pronoun), Doudanuki realises Midare is a boy too and is intensely confused. Hachisuka asks for help moving boxes and Doudanuki, still a little in shock, agrees to help.

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  • When the Touken Ranbu game first launched, Doudanuki's name was rendered as Doutanuki Masakuni, though it was changed in mid-August 2015. As such, many fans had nicknamed him Tanuki, after the animal.